Container Strut Mount (CSM) Brackets

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The Container Strut Mount (CSM) Brackets allow for hassle free mounting of strut channels inside any shipping container using ISO 9910 corrugations. Each CSM bracket includes installation hardware: 1 x Base Bracket, 1 x Angle Bracket, 2 x 3/8″ Bolt, Lock Washer and Flat Washer, 1 x 1/4″ Self-Threading Bolt.

* Does not include strut channels.

► Ideal for installing shelving and electrical panels in shipping containers
► Provides strut framing without welding
► Solves the safety hazard issue of screws poking through the exterior wall
► Laser cut and black powder coated

$22.50 (Can) Each

1 review for Container Strut Mount (CSM) Brackets

  1. Tim H

    Once you have the strut channel framing bolted on its so easy to add things like heaters and shelving. I remember having to weld stuff onto the walls of my storage containers. This is the future!

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