Dovetail Deck Mount Twist Lock (2 Pack)


These Deck Mount Twist Locks have a flat base which are generally used to weld directly onto steel decks on ships and secure the containers during transport.

Similarly, you can easily weld these lock mounts onto trailers or install them into various other surfaces like concrete to keep your container in place during transport or long term storage.

CASTED STEEL CONSTRUCTION Designed to safely and securely connect empty or loaded containers through their corner castings.

EASY-TO-USE DESIGN Simply shift the lever to open / close
the deck mount.

FLAT BASE DESIGN The flat base design can be used to weld the lock directly onto steel decks during transport or long-term storage.

Weldable to steel or use with foundation

► Manual, left-locking

Heat Treated: Drop Forged, Tempered and Quenched

Carbon Steel

► Hot Dipped Galvanized Surface to ensure durability

► Requires 4 per container

MBL (Minimum Breaking Load)

– Tension: 500 KN
– Shear: 420 KN
– Compression: 2000 KN

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